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“New York, New York

I want to wake up, in a city that never sleeps

And find I’m king of the hill

Top of the heap”

Frank Sinatra

“Desert in New York” Times Square, Thanksgiving 2016


Desert in New York is the 3rd part of a long-exposure night photography project ‘Desert in the City’, created by Genaro Bardy, a Paris-based photographer. It is composed of 40 pictures of a deserted New York, all of them shot on 2016’s Thanksgiving weekend, between 23rd and 24th of November. 2 new cities were then added to the project: New York shot at thanksgiving 2016, and Rome shot at Christmas 2016.

“As with Paris and London shot at Christmas, I was looking for the best time of the year where almost no one gets out of home. For New York it was challenging, but there is a moment in the year when streets are totally empty, when people are home or away with their families, when nobody is partying all night long: that moment is Thanksgiving.

  walked 12 miles between November 23rd and 24th from 11PM to 6.00AM to shoot ‘long exposure’ images of some of the most iconic places of New York. Most of the pictures are shot from the middle of the streets, where car lights would ruin the final images with long exposure photography. I used a couple of cabs but the main part is done by foot since I improvise some pictures while moving.”

Genaro Bardy

How did you feel discovering those streets almost deserted?

It was fantastic, really magical moments. I was expecting Times Square to be the hardest to shoot, but I was lucky enough to get the pictures pretty quickly, the Apple Store and Grand Central were more challenging. I anticipated this project for almost two years, so I get pretty excited when I see the pictures come to life.

How long did you walk in New York?
Did you have a plan?

I walked for almost 8 hours, from 11PM to 6.30AM, the whole route was about 12 miles long. Every single shot was scouted, it took one week of preparation in order to produce all the pics in one single night. A few shots could probably be done any sunday night, but 40 of them was a challenge.

Long exposure photography
help erase people?

No one is erased artificially on these pictures, as for any city in this project. Very long exposure could erase people walking, although imperfectly, but car lights would ruin any picture. Between 11PM and 3AM it’s pretty hard to find 20 to 30 seconds slots without any car. But starting at 4AM., it’s truly magical, almost no one walks in the streets.


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